Nepal on the Move: Conflict, Migration and Stability


Main Objective

The main objective of the project is to examine the relationship between migration and democracy-building in the context of post-conflict Nepal and to identify feasible recommendations to inform the policy process.

Addressing both internal and transnational forms of migration, and including different major types of migration in and out of Nepal (labor, military, educational, religious and forced) the project seeks to explore mobile populations as both resources and challenges for the socio-political and economic stabilization of society, including the framing of democratic rights  and the development of civil society in Nepal after the armed conflict. The aim of the project, thus, is to address the intended and unintended economic, social and political impact of migration at both the household level and societal level with particular attention paid to the role of gender, generation, ethnicity, caste and class.

Please see the individual sub-studies for immediate objectives.